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Technical Specification Setup Advice

Consultation to setup a – Technical Purchase Specification – for A SWAS Unit Or Chemical Dosing Skid.

The normal procedure for offering a SWAS unit or Chemical Dosing skid is that we receive a technical specification written by the engineering staff of you, the client. This includes a list of specifications we have to comply with. (Utilities, Piping, Electrical, Instruments, Prefered Vendor List , Required Documents etc.)

These specifications are meant for the complete petro-chemical plant. Very often these technical specifications exclude the tubing and components we need to design a good SWAS unit. A lot of time is spend on explaining why we have to deviate from protocol and often staff is afraid to deviate, resulting in a too expensive and not optimal system.

For this reason we offer our services to make sure the SWAS and Chemical dosing unit specification covers your requirements. This avoids a lot of misunderstandings and trouble during the bidding and engineering phase. Also as the specification is clear, offers can be compared on an equal footing basis.  Please ask the specialist for more information – it will pay big dividends.