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    Steam & Water Cycle Chemistry

    Watcon has more than 30 years of global experience in 100’s of plants. We know how to establish the most reliable, accurate monitoring for all chemical parameters. Our know-how allows you to keep chemical values within preset limits, crucial for your plants longevity & efficiency.

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  • Prevent Boiler Corrosion,
    Deposits, Tripping, And Downfall
    In Power & Steam Generation Plants.

    Costs for repairs for damages to boiler pipes, steam turbine and frequent shutdowns can easily run into millions of dollars. Contact us to prevent these failures from happening. Feel free to ask anything about the maintenance of your analysis and dosing system. Advice is without obligation, and we simply love to help.

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  • Products, Consultation, And Service For Your Steam / Water Cycle Chemical Quality Control.

    We have retained 80% of our clients in the last 5 years for a reason. Our customers value our 30 years of industry expertise. We are proud of our high quality service and product range. Do take advantage of our huge knowledge pool. We know your specific requirements inside out, and we can pass that knowledge onto you.

    Our services

Specialized Equipment & Expert Advice

Sample Conditioning and Chemical Analysis Systems / Components / Advice
Chemical Dosing Systems / Components / Advice
Hydrocarbons Sampling Systems & Equipment

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30 Years In Quality Control

  • Steam/Water Cycle Chemistry

    During start up, under particular chemical conditions, a protective passive layer must be formed and maintained on the boiler internals to protect them from corrosion and other hazards.

  • QA / QC & Document Control

    Watcon stands for the highest quality products and services. That is why we retain our customers. Documenting is an important part of this assurance.

  • Sampling & Analysis Systems

    Watcon provides you with the products and know how for a 24/7, representative, accurate, reliable, and continuous chemical analysis. Please ask.

Our Products

Watcon has retained 80% of it’s clients in the last 5 years for a reason. Our team are proud of our high quality service and specialized product range. We know all industry specific requirements inside out, and can pass that knowledge onto you.

  • Dosing Systems

    We are the first company to offer dosing systems that fully match all sampling and analysis systems. We keep all interconnected equipment in one hand, allowing our customers to simplify procurement, document control, and workshop inspection. This assures you match all installations in one easy to use system leaving you in total control every step of the way.

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  • Sampling & Analysis (SWAS) Systems

    Both our sampling and analysis system and chemical dosing systems are highly accurate which is crucial for plant efficiency & longevity. By maintaining the optimal chemical conditions, there will be no corrosion inside boiler piping. This leaves no deposits on surfaces or turbine blades, ensuring a minimal need for drum water drains.

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  • Other Systems

    We also provide hydrocarbon sampling equipment for laboratory analysis. This encompasses all areas of hydrocarbon, whether it be fluids, gasses, high temperatures, high-low pressured, or hazardous. Watcon is experienced with all sampling equipment and chemical testing. We also design sample coolers and systems, built up out of small size tubing and components.

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  • Siemens Zweden

    Thank you for meeting with Peter of Siemens on Friday. He was very happy with the quality of the fabrication work for the sample panel and chemical dosing systems. (2019)

  • Martijn Groen, Dow Chemical, Analyser Specialist

    FAT for BFW cabinets AFSE620 was good and overall workmanship is excellent. (2019)

  • One of our sub suppliers:

    Roland is a perfect employer to work with. He is patient, humble and really explains the job well and provide feedback professionally and in a way that helps to understand very easily. I would love to work with him again and again in the future. (2020)

Global expert on water quality monitoring and chemical dosing

Watcon designs, manufacturers, installs, commissions, and maintains both steam water sampling and analysis systems, and chemical dosing systems for steam / water cycles in thermal power generation plants of any kind and size.

Watcon solely concentrates on this subject and has acquired over  31 years of field experience in 100’s of plants all over the world. Every single step in this process is documented,  from the sample extraction device to the final electric output signal to the DCS. Due to our knowledge and experience , we know what it takes to maintain 24/7 accurate and reliable automatic measurement control standards.

We are here to serve you and increase efficiency and safety. Take advantage of our vast industry experience and contact us today.