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Steam water chemistry is about maintaining the most optimal chemical conditions.

The most optimal chemical values are:

How Can This Be Achieved? 

To measure all of the parameters in the most accurate and quick way. Consult Watcon!

Watcon is an independent system integrator, we are free to choose both the brand and type of analyser, which is best suited to your application in terms of quality and price. Watcon’s knowledge originates from chemistry. We understand and know all analyzing principles inside out, and can therefore judge the analysers properly. We have experience with all major brands and keep close relationships with everyone, resulting in excellent buying power which in turn is of our customers benefit. Please ask.

The chemical parameters mostly measured in the steam water cycle:

Guidelines for concentrations to keep for above chemical parameters are among others published by VGB and Siemens. Please ask.

pH, Direct- Cation – De Gassed Conductivity and Dissolved Oxygen analysers are avialable for Hazardous zones. 

Silica, Sodium, TOC analysers only to be made suitable for hazardous zones in a special Ex-p cabinet, Watcon has manufactured many of these.  

Spares Of Analysers

The analysers need regular maintenance and parts replacement to function correctly. This is often neglected and one of the main reasons they malfunction. We deliver spares all over the world. We also have experience with all major brands and know exactly which type of spare you need ,or have an alternative if they become obsolete.

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