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Chemical Dosing System

Our knowledge enables complete chemical quality control of the steam water cycle. We are the first company to offer dosing systems that match the sampling and analysis system, whilst keeping all interconnected control equipment in one hand to assist the end-user.

Basic Function & Layout

An accurate and reliable sampling & analysis system as well as an efficient chemical dosing system is crucial for your plant’s efficiency and longevity. We maintain optimal chemical conditions by measuring particular chemical parameters and dosing chemicals. This ensures there will be no corrosion inside your boiler piping, no stress corrosion, cracking of metals, and no deposits on internal surfaces of turbine blades, and minimal need for drum water drains.

Chemicals are dosed into the Steam / Water cycle through small-sized stainless steel tubing at strategic points, just in front or after the feedwater pumps (Ammonia, for pH elevation) (Oxygen Scavenger, for the lowest Oxygen content) and the Drum (Phosphate, for pH elevation and prevention of hardness deposits). Both the Sampling & Analysis system and the chemical Dosing system interact to maintain the best optimal chemical conditions.

To be able to define the number of chemicals to be added or dosed to the steam/water circuit, the chemical dosing station receives feedback from continuous online measurements of pH, conductivity, and dissolved oxygen. These are also influenced by the amount of makeup water added to the (closed) loop system.

Basic Layout

All components are mounted on stainless steel or hot-dip galvanized frame construction. The system is divided into sections, one for each chemical to be dosed. Each section is fed out of its own storage tank, with the volumes depending on the chemical concentration and size of the boiler. The tanks are placed at the back of the skid over the grating. The dosing pumps are placed on a little bridge on the front with all interconnecting tubing and ancillaries on an ss mounting plate. This covers the full width enabling the operator to easily execute operational and maintenance tasks.

There is one electrical control panel with operating controls and switches at the front door for the operation of all dosing systems. The skid is equipped with calamity drip pans under each section to capture any leaks and spills from the system.

Dosing Systems

The layout of the systems will be completely customized to your requirements, including: