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About Us

Watcon was founded in 1989 by Mr. R. Verweij, who has been fully dedicated to Watcon ever since. Before 1989 Mr. R. Verweij was employed by the Dutch subsidiary of Polymetron, a member of the Zellweger AG Group (Switzerland). Polymetron, now part of Hach, is manufacturer of on line chemical analyzers for mainly steam / water circuits in power generation plants. R. Verweij’s father was director of Degremont (Suez) Netherlands (Boiler feed water, Process Water, Waste Water Plants) for 25 years. Water chemistry & technology are part of our genes.

Our Mission

To make sure the chemical composition of our customers steam water circuits is, and remains operating at their optimal, and most efficient level.

Our Work Philosophy

We have a “German” industry mentality with Dutch Design and flexibility.  Our systems are built to last. Rugged and rigid but with a pleasing aesthetic design – all with no compromise on quality. All products have a workmanlike purpose, finished to the highest quality, with high quality materials used throughout. This is what impresses our customers and makes them come back.  We feel 100% responsible for our products, making sure they always work as intended, and no shortcuts are taken.


We strive to serve our customers with the most accurate, reliable and durable equipment. We couple this with low maintenance costs, reducing running and ownership overheads greatly.  No two power plants are alike due to differing technical specifications and legislation, It takes an expert with a drive leaning towards quality and perfection, with a long track record of global experience to create the utmost solution, both technically and economically.

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We cannot emphasize enough, as we have seen with so many plants, please consult an expert to save trouble, money, and downtime at an early stage.

Watcon solely concentrates on the chemistry in steam /water circuits. Our company focuses on just this area and are experts in our field. We do it thoroughly in every aspect.

With over 30 yrs experience in 100’s of plants all over the world, and with every single step in this process, we form the sample extraction device to the final electric output signal to the DCS. We know what it takes to get to a 24/7 accurate, reliable, automatic control measurement . Our customers value our 30 years expertise.Our products result in very high customer retention and create many long term relationships we are proud off.  Please call upon our expertise.

Please take advantage of our huge know-how and drive towards quality and perfection. We know your specific requirements inside out. Remember, we are here to serve you.


We aim to serve our customers with the most accurate, reliable, and durable equipment with as little maintenance and cost of ownership as possible.  No two power plants are alike due to different technical specifications and legislation. It takes an expert with a drive to quality and perfection and a long track record of global experience to get the utmost solution, technically and financially.

From our drive to quality and perfection we design, manufacture and deliver the most optimal systems for your specific requirements.

Watcon does not have to divide its attention between a shop full of products for differing industries and applications. We have one expertise and we do it thoroughly in every aspect.

We only select proven components for our systems, and actively keep good relationships with all our valued sub-suppliers. Watcon are suppliers of analyzing equipment, valves, pumps, skilled welders, electricians and software developers. We are totally independent, and are free to offer the best advice to make analyzing equipment for any purpose.

Respect for the environment is of course an issue. Creating better efficiency in the power plant results in less fuel being needed. Steam / water chemistry plays a vital role in this process.