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Dosing pump

Watcon is an independent system integrator, we are free to choose the brand and type of dosing pump which is the best for your application in terms of quality and price. We have experience with all major brands and keep close relations with all, resulting in very good purchase conditions of which in turn our customers benefit. Please ask.

The quantities to be dosed are small, from 0,5 to 5 ltr/hr. a litle bit of chemical in ultrapure water (almost empty)  has a big effect ! But the pressure to pump up against can be high (> 100bar) And the dosing lines can be long.

These conditions ask for special knowledge and experience when designing a dosing skid and choosing the right pump.

We only apply the most durable proven pumps, designed to go on forever, not being able to dose is out of the question. Please ask for a consult.


Spares of pumps

The dosing pumps need maintenance and replacement of parts on a regular (yearly) basis to function well. We deliver spares all over the world, we know exactly which type of spare you need or have an alternative if obsolete.