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Our most important advice: Please consult an expert at an early stage.

We can set up maintenance schemes and give personnel training on site but very often, any personnel changes or staff shortages can result in the sampling and dosing becoming neglected or taken for granted. Other issues can be that some equipment can be of a different type than what is present in the rest in the plant. It can be too late when any damage is done to the boiler installation – especially after the cause has been established as “bad chemistry”.

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Free Audit

Watcon is 30 years young and likes to celebrate!

We can undertake a free audit of your Water Steam Sampling and Analysis System and Chemical Dosing System.

Why? Because we are often consulted to advise after damage to the boiler or turbines, which could have been prevented if the Steam / Water Analysis and dosing system were operating correctly. As our mission is to improve the client’s steam/water cycle chemistry, the most direct and effective way is via an initial audit. Not only will damage will be prevented, but also plant efficiency will be improved. Please note that apparent correct measurement values on the system are not always corresponding to the value in the process.