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Cation filters

The Cation filter eliminates the contribution of ammonia to the conductivity value.
Conductivity measured after the cation filter is called CC (Cation Conductivity)
Please read our bulletin for a more detailed background

Cation conductivity.
Cation resin. (Filter material)

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Why Watcon Cation Filters?

Plastic cation filters will eventually be effected (high pH, detoriation) causing discolorisation and hairline cracks. These cracks let air (with CO2) in the cation filter without noticing, causing the conductivity value to rise and thus give a faulty reading. As the conductivity value after cation filter is very low (> 0,5 Micro S/cm) this will immediately have effect. The Watcon filters are made for a lifetime service without chances of detoriation. Therefore also the in and outlet lines are out of ss 316 instead of plastic. Another advantage is the resistance to heat and pressure, if anything goes wrong with the sample temperature, the filter will not be effected , only the resin must be replaced. The measurement will be restored quickly, no need to order a new filter.